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Thank you for downloading SQL Delta for SQL Server Version 6

SQL Delta doesn’t need the traditional Windows installation process so the setup file you have just downloaded is:


Getting Started

From your download folder (or wherever you download to) run DeltaConfig- to extract and copy the SQLDelta.exe and configure some basic SQL Delta settings.

An SQL Delta link will be created in the start menu.

For our current customers familiar with Version 4 and 5 of SQL Delta you will notice we have added the version and release details to the download file making version tracking easier. Run any DeltaConfig to update to a new version or revert to an older version.

If you already have an older version of SQL Delta installed (such as Version 5) that’s fine, Version 6 will happily install along side the older version.

It’s my first time

This download is the full version of SQL Delta however it does have a 14 day trial lock. Even running in command line mode the trial screen will appear. Other than the initial trial screen everything else is the same as the unlocked full version of SQL Delta.

I just purchased a license

As soon as the purchase process is complete we email you a registration code. Use this code to remove the trial feature. There is no full version to download. Any time you want to get a updated version just return here or go to the customer login.

If you haven’t received your registration code yet please check your spam folder to ensure the email was not blocked. Under normal conditions you should receive the email within minutes however things can take a little longer when it’s busy.

Need Help

If you have any questions please email support@sqldelta.com or visit support.sqldelta.com
Your account information can be viewed at client.sqldelta.com

The download should have already started however if the download didn’t start as expected.

 Manual download