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Delta Snap 5.1.1
Legacy Version
We are working on a version of Delta Snap for Version 6 products.

What is Delta Snap
Delta Snap is a free tool for creating SQL Delta compatible snapshots of a database schema.

This tool is really useful if you want to capture a remote database schema but you don't cannot connect to the database. Install Delta Snap on the remote site and then generate a snapshot of the database schema into a file and then send the resulting snapshot back to a central location.

SQL Delta can load a snapshot and compare with a live database or another snapshot.

Update Info
Version 5.1.1 is an update utilizing the latest SQL Delta functionality. Use the Full Install where SQL Delta has not been installed. For the Executable Only option download the DeltaSnap.exe file and then manually copy into program filessql deltasdss folder.

This update also changes the way Delta Snap reads the project file and any past Delta Snap projects may no longer work. Specifically the connection item must be changed to <Connections> and <Litem> added.

Connections Example:

This version supports for SQL Server 7 through to 2012. Projects from SQL Delta V5 are also better supported in this release.

The full version should uninstall any previous version of Delta Snap.

For more information see our support site: Display Delta Snap information

Download   Full Version 
The full version is required when SQL Delta is NOT installed locally on the target computer

Download   Executable only
Please ensure you have SQL DeltaV5.1 installed

Please note that Delta Snap is free only if you have a valid license for SQL Delta.

Install Options

Full Version

The full version includes parts of SQL Delta needed to read the SQL schema and save the schema as a snapshot. In most cases you would download and use the full install.

Executable only

The executable will not install the SQL Delta components and Delta Snap requires these components from an existing SQL Delta installation. If you wish to create snapshots on a scheduled basis using a command line tool then Delta Snap is the best solution, even if you have SQL Delta installed. Just copy DeltaSnap.exe into the SQL Delta executable folder.

For complete details about Delta Snap including format of the XML command file please read the help file included with the install.

In brief Delta Snap reads an XML command file which contains the details of the database connection, the filename to save and optional information including the email server and recipient details.