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SQL Delta Re-Engineered
We have made SQL Delta Version 6 so much leaner and so much faster by completely redesigning its architecture. SQL Delta now threads many of its processes and in doing so takes advantage of modern processors and by understanding the inherent slowness of database connections asynchronously retrieves information from database servers to improve overall performance.

We removed all of the Version 5 Dynamic Link Libraries and the associated registration requirements of COM. This gives you an application that utilizes a small footprint and requires no DLL registration. The only DLLs we need are for the embedded web browser that displays the reports and optionally for MySQL or Oracle connections.

The core of SQL Delta is the new tabbed project manager allowing SQL Delta to run many different project types in one session. Plus for the future this allows us to create new database tools all with a similar feel. We can continue to combine tools as we do by combining schema compare and data compare into a single product and these complimentary functions work well as a combined entity rather than multiple products each having its own configuration and having no linkage between the core functions.

SQL Delta Version 6 includes a significantly more advanced dependency manager that understands the connections between various SQL objects and allows us to generate more accurate synchronization scripts. With advanced schema mapping we now change the underlying script to reflect the mapped object at a deeper level which in turn creates a more reliable script.

Even the all new Schema View function provides rich functionality that works well on its own or combined with the schema and data compare. It's so simple to create a Schema View using existing compare connection information. Perhaps you wish to run your own queries against the target database prior to executing the sync script, this can be done with Schema View.

Data Compare has been vastly improved with the inclusion of views within data compare. New Table and column level mapping which goes way beyond the owner mapping of Version 5. Also a new data conversion feature so that column data can be altered prior to compare.