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Delta Snap 6
What is Delta Snap
Delta Snap is a free tool for creating SQL Delta compatible snapshots of a database schema.

This tool is really useful if you want to capture and compare a remote database schema but you cannot connect to the database. Copy the Delta Snap application to the remote site and then generate a snapshot of the database schema into a file and then send the resulting snapshot file back to a central location.

SQL Delta can load a snapshot and compare with a live database or another snapshot.

Delta Snap is also very handy for creating a simple source control system. Run DeltaSnap on a timed basis saving the snapshot into a shared folder using the date time as part of the filename. Then use SQL Delta to compare the snapshots to a live database, displaying all the changes made since the snapshot. Even roll-back changes made to the live database by deploying the change script.

Using Delta Snap
Run DeltaSnap6.exe and the initial connection screen for SQL Server or MySQL will be shown. Complete the connection details, enter a snapshot filename and then run the project and the snapshot will be created.

The project can then be re-run by adding the project name into the command line for DeltaSnap.

This version supports for SQL Server 2000 through to 2014 and Azure plus MySQL V5+.
Currently only projects from SQL Delta V6 are supported in this release.