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We currently have two SQL Delta server varieties, SQL Delta for SQL Server and SQL Delta for Oracle. Each product compares the database schema and data of two databases on the respective servers. We are also introducing SQL Delta for MySQL and SQL Delta Cross Platform (SQL DXP) for database compare across different servers.
Why Schema Compare ?
There are a number of reasons to compare the schema of two databases. We think the most common is when you want to move changes from your development database to production. As you can no doubt imagine trying to manually locate differences between two databases is hard and very time consuming.

SQL Delta can do this in seconds (perhaps minutes if your databases are really big). What's even better is SQL Delta will script the changes for you, dropping and re-creating foreign keys and other dependent objects when it's needed.
Data compare makes merging the information in two databases so simple. You can see straight away that information in one table has changed, perhaps rows have been added or even values updated unexpectedly.

One example we heard of was someone was having problems with their application, it worked absolutely fine in development and testing but production kept failing. They used SQL Delta to compare the data between development and production and discovered just one application system table had been corrupted on production. With a few clicks the data was corrected and the application ran happily ever after.
We think having the ability to view your database schema and data is really handy. Fair enough the core task of SQL Delta is to compare however it can be really nice to be able to quickly look at the schema or check the data of a source or target database before running an update script.