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Introducing so many new and improved features
Version 6 delivers exciting new features to SQL Delta like multi-project execution, dedicated script editor and persistent filtering. Even down to improved dependency management and script generation.

We have completely reworked the tab interface in Version 6 to feel more like a web browser experience. Each action, whether comparing the structure of two databases or displaying a report, is contained within its own tab.

Each tab process will generally run independently and this allows multiple projects to be run simultaneously. A schema compare tab can then lead to a script tab. This allows you to flick between the two tabs so you can see exactly the difference and deployment script that has been generated due to the difference. Before running the sync script you might want to investigate the server configuration, just create and run a Schema View project to display the target database. From there run your own queries to investigate the server configuration. Of course all of this is done in a separate project tabs.

Tabs can be shut down immediately just like a browser, this is particularly handy if you are running a large data compare and you wish to change some options once it has started. Just close the running tab, edit the project and begin the project all over again.
It's now easier to group common projects together, even make the group a favorite so it appears at the top of the list every time. Individual projects can also be made a favorite so regardless of how you sort the project display your favorites remain at the top.

Now there are three types of project: Schema Compare, Data Compare and Schema View. You no longer have to run a schema compare just to get to the data compare part of SQL Delta. Create a Data Compare project, select your tables or views and off you go.

Running multiple projects is a snap, check each project and then click the Run Checked button and each project is run simultaneously. Perhaps you have a weekly batch of data compares you need to run. Now that process is as easy as one click, having grouped your compares together just click Group Run button and your batch is off and running. What's even better is you can configure the project to email you a difference report when the compare is finished.
SQL Delta has always had the ability to display the database schema however not many people new about the feature. In Version 6 we have changed this and Schema View is now a dedicated project type. Schema view has some powerful features such as filtering enabling you to locate specific text within an object across the entire database.

You can create your own SQL scripts to show Table or View data or make changes to the database structure. Even use the query tab to execute SQL Delta scripts.
Schema Compare will be familiar and yet has improved in so many ways. There is the familiar itemized display tabs showing the differences in script form or sectional grid format.

However now it's so much more customizable with new difference grouping or object grouping, customizable tab and column positions and new font sizing. Plus these changes are automatically saved for you so whenever you return the compare layout is just as you left it.

The speed of schema compare is blistering and in our tests schema compares now take half the time compared to version 5.
Data Compare is so much smarter. Just select the two databases and SQL Delta automatically calculates the comparison details for you and you're ready to go with the compare. Alternatively you can customize the compare details like never before.

The all new data compare selection now lets you map different source and target tables and columns. You can apply conversions to column data prior to comparison and filter data rows to limit the information compared.

SQL Delta projects now have On Completion Events to help you with batch processing and executing common tasks in a single run. Whenever a project run is completed SQL Delta looks for any active On Completion Events. These events could be execute the change script, save the script and email the script, print a report or even run another project. You can have as many events as you like.

You can even run the whole process unattended, just set up a schedule to run SQL Delta and pass through the project name to run first and SQL Delta will run the first project and then any On Completion Events. Perhaps you want to save your schema as a snapshot each Friday night and later use SQL Delta to compare the change from week to week. So simple, just create a view project and an On Completion Event to save as snapshot. Then just run your view project using any scheduler.
Version 6 now generates a single script file for schema and data compare. The primary benefit of a single script is dependency management. The biggest challenge for change scripts is ensuring that dependent objects are also scripted. For example Table Alpha has a column data size change however Table Alpha also has a schema bound view associated with it. Since a schema bound view prevents any table changes the binding must be removed first and then the table change applied and finally the schema binding re-applied to the view. SQL Delta does all of this automatically for you.
Improved and persistent filtering is especially powerful in the schema view and compare. Along with the traditional show/hide of objects you can now check or de-check objects. For example your database might have special views that are changed regularly however these changes should not be propagated to your target database. You can use the filter to locate these views and automatically de-check them prior to running the change script.