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SQL Delta Workbench 4.0 Standard Edition
Legacy Version
This version is not required for SQL Delta 6 products and is no longer supported.

What is Workbench
Using Workbench hand coding the command line script for SQL Delta is a thing of the past. Workbench displays the various SQL Delta options making the script coding process very simple. You can read an existing script or create a new script file from scratch.

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What is the SQL Delta Command Line Processing?
You can run SQL Delta in a "batch" mode using an XML command file passed to SQL Delta as part of the command line. The command file controls most of the SQL Delta functions such as selecting the databases for compare, running the compare, executing the resulting change script and so on.

Why use Command Line Processing?
By using command line processing you can automate the structure and/or data compare process to provide:

  • automated change reports
  • synchronize remote data when replication isn't appropriate
  • snapshot database schema on a daily basis for backup and even email the snapshot to a central location